Create and Add a Your Signature to Messages from Microsoft Outlook

Create and Add a Your Signature to Messages from Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Outlook allows you to create personalized signatures for email messages. You can add text, images, any electronic business card, a logo or any handwritten signatures too.

The signatures can be added automatically to all your outgoing mails if you have set your personalized signatures.

Following are the steps to set your personalized signatures:

Step-1: Create new message from your Microsoft Outlook account.

Step-2: Select Signature -> Signatures... from the ribbon.

Step-3: Click on New button to create the personalized signature.

Step-4: Enter the name to identify the current signature you are going to design.

Step-5: Paste already created signature inside the Edit signature area or create a new personalized signature here.

Step-6: Choose default signature for New messages (auto set) and Replies/forwards as per your preferences.

Step-7: Click on the Save button and hit OK.

Now try creating new message using Microsoft Outlook and see if signature already available with new messages and in case of Replies/forwards you can also test if you have set this in Step-6 above.

Feel free to reach me out if you have any doubts or any concerns in setting up you personalized signatures.